The Ultimate Honour

As with any club, your success is measured by the quality of personnel that represent you both on and off the field.
The Great Boulder Cricket Club is proud to have been associated with a group of dedicated and loyal servants who have all been recognised with the ultimate club honour of a life membership.
The Gee Bees are a respected sporting club in the Goldfields community and this is a legacy that has been handed on through the years thanks mainly to the efforts of this select group of people.
The Gee Bees are proud of their life members and to them we raise our glasses and thank them sincerely for their contributions.

Life Members

Vin Zani

Brian Paddick

Colin Dunlop


Alan Dowson

Calvin Wilson

Barry Pascoe

Eric Emerson


Cobber Rogers

Lou Nazzari

Brett Crook

Brian Thomas

Dave Sheehan

Noel Jerrard

Tony Patrizi

Greg Bond

Dean Jerrard

Brian Dellavanzo

Todd Altus

Mel Gallagher

Dave Altus

Shane Robbins
Danny Tebble

Ian Dunstan

Past Administration

1953-60 Jim Livingstone 1953-54 Les Cook 1952-66 TBA
1960-65 Colin Dunlop 1954-57 Clarrie McCreed 1966-68 Bill Dorotich
1965-66 Max Manning 1957-61 Vin Zani 1969-71  TBA
1966-70 Tom O'Shaughnessy 1961-66 Brian Paddick 1972-75 Alan Robartson
1970-76 Les Pavlinovich 1966-72 Calvin Wilson 1975-78 John King 
1976-77 Ernie Jenkins 1972-76 Jim Kenneally 1978-98 TBA
1977-79 Brian Della-Vanzo 1976-79 Calvin Wilson 1999-05 Tony Patrizi
1979-80 Cobber Rogers 1979-81 Graham North 2006-09 Cathie Edwards
1980-81 Cobber Rogers, Bob Softley 1981-83 Brian Marr 2010-16 Daniel Campo
1981-89 Bob Softley 1983-84 Graham North 2017-20 Jack Martin
1989-90 Michael O’Shaughnessy 1984-87 John Sullivan 2021-22 Josh Fewkes
1990-92 Brett Crook 1987-92 Hugh Gallagher    
1992-97 Hugh Gallagher 1992-93 Nolan Hall, Graham Lemm    
1997-98 Gary Davey 1993-94 Graham Lemm    
1998-99 Tom Cole 1994-95 Brett Crook, Graham Lemm    
1999-03 Ian Dunstan 1995-97 Graham Lemm    
2003-04 Brian Della-Vanzo 1997-99 Bernie Miller    
2004-09 Paul Edwards 1999-12 Dean Jerrard    
2009-11 Nick Fardell 2012-15 Tony Mansson    
2011-12 Nick Fardell, Brett Simmonds 2015-16 Nick Fardell    
2012-17 Dean Jerrard 2016-17 Mitch Gray    
2017-18 Kody Kelman 2017-18 Dean Jerrard    
2018-19 Shane Robbins, Kody Kelman 2018-22 Pete McKenzie    
2019-22 Tyson Knight